Authorize NCapture

This topic describes what it means to authorize NCapture and provides information about the privacy of the data you collect with NCapture.

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Authorize NCapture

When you first use NCapture to collect data while signed into Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn—you will be prompted to Authorize NCapture.

This gives permission to NCapture to collect content that you have access to. For example, NCapture would be able to collect Facebook posts from any Group or Page wall that your Facebook account has access to. The content that you can capture from social media sites is subject to permission and privacy settings. If you do not have access to view private posts, you will not be able to capture them.

If you later decide to revoke authorization, you will be able to do this from the specific social media website. Refer to the Help within the social media website for more information.

You do not need to be signed into YouTube in order to capture content with NCapture.

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Clear the authorization and reauthorize NCapture

If you experience problems capturing social media content as a dataset, you may need to clear the authorization for NCapture within the social media website and reauthorize.

For example, if you cannot capture Facebook posts as a dataset from a Group or Page wall, go to and remove NCapture from the list of authorized apps. The next time you use NCapture to collect posts from Facebook, you will be prompted to authorize NCapture.

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Understand the privacy of your data

The content that you capture is stored on your computer or in a network folder location. We do not store content that you collect, information from social media profiles, or the website addresses (URLs) of the web pages you capture.

We do collect some information for analytic purposes—for example, the type of browser and operating system you are using.

For more information, refer to the Privacy Policy on the QSR website.

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